3 Benefits of RMT in Parkinson’s

The Breather Benefits of RMT in Parkinson

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neuromuscular disorder, which means that due to changes in the nervous system, the muscles don’t respond properly anymore. In the skeletal muscles this becomes obvious as the characteristic tremor. However, respiratory muscles may be affected as well. These are the muscles used for breathing, but also for speech and swallow.…

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Covid-19: How to Improve Your Immunity and Prepare Your Lungs

How to Improve Your Immunity

The COVID-19 pandemic has been coined the “most crucial global health calamity of the century”, impacting the lives of millions of people around the globe. Due to its sudden appearance and rapid spreading, scientists called all hands on deck to quickly identify ways to ward this attack on our immune system and to overcome the pandemic. Recently,…

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What is Expiratory Muscle Training?

What is Expiratory Muscle Training

During sleep or rest, breathing in and out seems natural because the body’s nervous system passively controls this process. However, conscious control of respiration needs training for efficient release of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the body and intake of enough oxygen (O2) on the next breathing cycle. Better oxygenation of the body is necessary during…

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What is Inspiratory Muscle Training?

What is Inspiratory Muscle Training

As part of Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT), Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) strengthens the muscles of inhalation specifically. This method focuses on deep diaphragmatic breathing against resistance. During inspiration, the diaphragm contracts and descends into the abdominal cavity, thereby expanding the lungs’ volume. At the same time, the chest wall (intercostals) and accessory neck and shoulder muscles move…

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What is Respiratory Muscle Training?

What is Respiratory Muscle Training

HOW RESPIRATORY MUSCLE TRAINING CAN IMPROVE YOUR BREATHING Respiratory Muscle Training (RMT) is a unique training method that targets and strengthens the breathing muscles. Breathing comprises the process of inhaling air into the lungs (inspiration) and expelling the used air (expiration). These two mechanisms involve different muscle groups, and RMT targets the muscle sets individually, or…

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How Breathing Improves Your Performance

Man using Breather Fit

Breathing is part of life, as it transports the air to those places – the alveoli in your lungs – where the oxygen molecules can be filtered out of the air to be used by the body. When you exercise, the adaptation of the process of breathing has to be in step with your level of exercise.…

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Breather Fit: Austrian National Crossfit Team

Athlete Anna Donauer

The Breather Fit is helping athletes around the world to improve their performance! Let’s hear what the Austrian National Crossfit team has to say about the Breather Fit! https://www.luftforlife.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/BREATHER-FIT_-National-Austrian-CrossFit-Team-Documentary.mp4 Do you have any questions or comments about the Breather Fit?  Leave a comment below!

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