AirPhysio Sports

The AirPhysio Sports is designed to help Elite Athletes to perform at their best. This international, award winning OPEP device is designed to clear mucus and expand the lungs.

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AirPhysio Sports

The AirPhysio is an international award-winning breathing trainer designed to help the Professional and Amateur Sporting Elites to clear mucus, expand their lungs, and gain a competitive edge.


AirPhysio – Sports


The AirPhysio Sports is an international award-winning OPEP device newly designed to provide you with all the benefits of OPEP therapy.

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About AirPhysio Sports

The AirPhysio Sports is a breathing trainer designed specifically for Professional/ Performance Athletes and Amateur Sporting Elites to obtain the split second advantage on their competition and personal record times. The AirPhysio Sport uses an all-natural process called Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) therapy to clear mucus, expand lungs, and remove pollutants

When mucus gathers in the lungs, it makes breathing and exercise harder. OPEP therapy is proven to help loosen mucus and clear airways, which helps your lungs to work more efficiently, naturally. The oscillations of the AirPhysio device assist the body’s natural cleaning process, helping you to maintain optimal lung hygiene and restore lung capacity.This device is lightweight, and easy to use and clean..

Increase Exercise Time

Benefits of Oscillatory Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) Therapy

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Maximize lung capacity and recruit underutilized parts of the lungs

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Loosen mucus from the walls of the airways for easier secretion

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Promote airway clearance and pulmonary hygiene

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    Promotes deep breathing

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    Improves exercise capacity

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    Mobilizes mucus in the lungs for easy secretion

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    Strengthen Respiratory System

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    Expands lung capacity

The combination of positive pressure and vibration generated with OPEP offers many benefits. OPEP training:

  • Loosens the mucus from the walls of the airways for easier secretion
  • Supports the transport of the mucus out of the airways
  • Promotes lung expansion and helps to unblock airways
  • Maximizes lung capacity
  • Helps recruit underutilized parts of the lungs
  • Assists in removing pollutants and inhaled allergens
  • Helps to reduce mucus build up, eg after infection
  • Promotes airway clearance and pulmonary hygiene


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What Users Have To Say

This really works to help expel anything on your lungs as well as training them to open up more. While it was not comfortable, I will be honest, it does work. I felt like I was coughing a whole lung up but it worked. I still can't figure out how it works, but it is a great invention.



Was diagnosed with atelactasis with SPo2 levels at 90 2-days ago. Ordered this on Amazon immediately as I was told I needed to build up my lung strength by conducting deep breathing exercises. I haven’t felt well for over 1 month and exercise has been limited because of it. The symptoms became increasingly worse (ie couldn’t walk, talk and carry my laptop without significantly struggling). The AirPhysio arrived today and used it for the first time (approx 5 exhales in 10 mins); Almost instantaneously, after a bout of coughing (which is what the AirPhysio promotes) I felt like I have better lung capacity. Earlier in the day, I had difficulty walking and talking. This evening, I feel like I could workout again. Hopeful for the first time in a long time!



I was sceptical at first about purchasing this but after using it for a few days I knew it was money well spent. I bought this for my problems with wheezing and asthma, I've tried many other remedies but this by far has helped the most. I had to get used to the sensation of the pumping of air in my cheeks and lungs but I got over that pretty quickly. It used to take a few days for my lungs to clear on their own but with this it only takes minutes. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone, someone who is looking for better performance for sports or someone like me just looking to have clearer lungs. Amazing product.


Jake Lucas

Just like training your arm muscles, it takes consistency and time. My lung muscles feel stronger and my stamina has definitely improved- Job well done, AirPhysio!


Alex D.

Really has allowed me to take more air in, expand my airway and workout better with less shortness of breath.


Sue Robinson, BSN, RN, CCM